Honourable Shri Jitendra J Jadhav ,Director NAL and Chairman,VMC, Smt.Kethki J Jadhav, Dr P Devakumar Deputy Commissioner KVS RO Bengaluru Region, Dr A K Misra Assistant Commissioner KVS RO Bengaluru Region, Smt.Gomathy Sankaran Chairman Nominee KV NAL,VMC Members , Alumini KVNAL, parents ,teachers and dear students.


37 years have flown fast. Years of hard labour achievements , growth and above all, years of blessings. Today, on the 2nd of February 2018 we celebrate the 38th Year of the history of KV NAL. It is a matter of pride today for everyone in the KV NAL family that two prestigious organization of India- the ISRO and NAL had joined hands to start this temple of learning.




On this day of rejoicing ,at the very outset I feel extremely proud in welcoming our Chief Guest ,Shri.Jitendra Jadhav,Director,NAL. Shri Jitendra Jadhav has left indelible mark in all the fields he has worked in. He is revered for his modesty and humane outlook. I’m grateful to you sir for encouraging us by being with us this evening. I , on behalf of the staff and students of this vidyalaya extend to you a most cordial welcome. I am also grateful to Smt. Ketki J Jadhav for her presence this evening. Madam , on behalf of the staff and students of my Vidyalaya I extend to you a warm welcome. Dr.P Devakumar,Deputy Commissioner,KVS Bengaluru Region is undoubtedly a unique personality with multidimensional facets to his character. A great educator and administrator, his rich experience is rewarding and enriching. He is a tremendous motivation to the entire KVS family. Today we are honoured by his powerful presence amidst us. Sir!!! On behalf of KV NAL family I extend to you a cordial welcome. Shri A.K MIsra Assisstant Commissioner KVS Bengaluru region has portrayed love in every action of his. He opens before us a world of indomitable energy and spirit. Sir!!! With hearful of admiration,on behalf of KVNAL family I extend to you a hearty welcome. Smt.Gomathy Sankaran, Chairman Nominee , has graciously accepted our invitation and has found time to be with us. Madam on behalf of the KV NAL Family I extend to you a hearty welcome . Spreading their radiance around the Aumini of KVNAL has been extending their mighty hands of support to the vidyalaya. On behalf of the NAL family I extend to you a warm welcome.I also extend a warm welcome to all VMC members and parents.





KV NAL has taken on the mantle of educational reforms and activities with an aim to foster and inculcate the spirit of enquiry in students. On this occasion I deem it as a great pleasure to take stock of the achievements that our school has added to its barn of fame.




We feel immense joy at the realization of our goal .The achievements of our students enable us to evaluate the overall performance of our school throughout the academic year .It is a matter of pride to announce that we secured 100% results in class XII after a gap of many years for the academic year 2016-17 under the dynamic guidance of our teachers, tremendous co-operation of parents,  unstinted support of the chairman and with the immense and boundless guidance of our revered Deputy commissioner Dr.P Devakumar and Assistant Commissioner Dr A K Misra. As a reward to our hard work , 81 students appeared in class XII in the year  2017.Our top scorer Kum.Darshana of class XII  secured  an aggregate total of 486marks. Kumari Darshana also secured the third prestigious position in the entire Bangalore region adding to the pride and glory of this institution .The result of class X was a great boon to us. We achieved 100 % results and KVNAL stood first in the entire Bangalore Region with a remarkable performance index of 90.37. Out of the  130 students who appeared,55 students secured 10 CGPI. I wholeheartedly appreciate the dedication, sincere direction and support of all the teachers and the co-operation of parents. I can say with pride that KVNAL is a crest Jewel worthy of emulation by other educational institutions. Kendriya Vidyalaya NAL shall undoubtedly soar greater heights with its stupendous results in the years ahead.




KV NAL has been maintaining its excellence in the field of sports . Students have made remarkable achievements in the field of sports. 43 students represented KV NAL at  the 48th KVS National Sports Meet  in various events of sports. Our under-14  boys team got selected for the KVS Nationals. In connection with the 48th KVS National Sports Meet Handball for girls was  held at KVNAL which was a spectacular and mesmerizing event that gained amazing appreciation from all. The Bangalore team bagged the third prestigious position and our sports stars Kumari Simran and Kumari Gargi were a part of the winning team. Four brilliant young sports talents  Niharika and Anshi Misra for football, Simran for handball and Nikhita for lawn tennis were selected for SGFI. Thus our students have proved their mettle at the various sports meet adding to the marvelous success story of our vidyalaya. I am sure KVNAL shall produce many inspiring and promising sports stars as we march ahead.




“The National Cadet Crops in India is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and universities all over India.”

The NCC Movement of our school is headed by our dynamic and well trained ANO(ASSISTANT NCC OFFICER) Sri Deeva.

Forty nine students from KVNAL are enrolled in NCC. Sixteen students attended the Annual training programme held at Gopalan Enterprises at Kanakpura and were  involved in different NCC activities like drill practice, weapon training and map reading classes. Master Arpit Misra and Kumari Keerti were selected for the firing competition held at the CATC camp at Kanakpura. Kumari V Swathi was selected as the best cadet in the CATC camp. The cadets of KVNAL will undoubtedly be role models to the society and shall spread the message of peace, harmony and selfless service. The cadets of KVNAL took part in the rally “CLEAN INDIA AND GREEN INDIA” spreading the valuable message to the entire society .It is with pride that I take this golden opportunity to announce that KVNAL was recognized as “HARID VIDYALAYA” by KVS RO Bengaluru region and was awarded the second position. WE STOP NOT HERE. OUR SUCCESS STORY SHALL CONTINUE AS WE TRAVEL FORWARD IN THIS MAGNIFICIENT JOURNEY.





To mark each and everyone a pioneer in one field or the other we provide maximum avenue. A number of co curricular activities are conducted for students on every Saturday under the able guidance of our CCA coordinators there by giving them ample opportunities to exhibit and refine their talents. Around 260 students of our vidyalaya presented the mesmerizing SWAGATHAM dance in the Inaugural ceremony of the  forty eighth National Sports Meet. Their power filled and enthralling performance received untold appreciation from all. In a few moments from now you will be witnessing the exceptional and unparalleled performance of our budding talents filled with vigour, zeal, energy and enthusiasm. I am sure they shall create an untold vibration of joy and bliss in your hearts. YOU CAN WAIT WITH BEATING HEARTS AHEAD…………..





   Scouts and Guides movement has been kept active in the Vidyalaya under the guidance of well trained scout masters and guide captains. 162 Cubs and  144 Bulbuls are registered at the primary level and 140 Scouts and 110 Guides are registered at the secondary level up to this academic year. We are igniting and inspiring all our  students to join this movement and thus paving way for our students to extend unconditional social service to the humanity at large. This Shall be an astounding achievement in the history of KVS and with our motto “STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED” we shall definitely make our dream a great reality. KVNAL was among the five selected vidyalayas whose students had the rare privilege to work as volunteers at the kanteerva stadium in connection with the 48th NATIONAL SPORTS MEET. Five scouts and five guides extended their selfless  services during this mega event.   Five scout masters and eight captains are trained and are active in the movement. Ten Scouts and twelve Guides attended and were qualified for Tritiya Sopan. 4 scouts and 4 guides have attended  the Rastrapati Puraskar and 8 scouts and 5 guides are qualified for the Rajya puraskar. Every Friday Troop meeting is held at  the school level and they are undertaking Community Development Programme at a wider level. The volunteers collected a huge amount for the Smile Foundation for the cause of underprivileged children and thus instilling in the students the true meaning of SOCIAL SERVICE. The pre – Rashtrapathi Scouts and Guides camp of Bangalore Division was held at KVNAL in great pomp and grandeur. Scouts and Guides of the entire Bangalore Region attended this memorable camp at KVNAL.  Mr.M Manoharan, Principal KVNAL attended the Basic Training Course for Commissioners at NATIONAL TRAINING CENTER at Pachmari , Madhya Pradesh in the month of November. He has been appointed as the District Chief Commissioner of Bangalore city, KVS for strengthening and taking this movement to the pinnacle of success.




   KVS strives to instill a spirit of enquiry , scientific temper and rational thinking in the students. With an aim to achieve this goal the Vidyalaya hosted school level science and social science exhibition. KVNAL was the venue for  the Cluster level National Integration Camp and Regional Level National Children’s Science. Students of KVNAL bagged many prizes. Our Quiz team and painting for Junior level got selected for the Regional National Integration Camp held at Hubli. This attempt heiped the students to develop their creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.




Many aspiring students appeared in the NTSE examination this year and two of our budding talents Rithika Raj and Anubhav of class X got qualified in the first round of the examination conducted by CBSE and will appear at the national level in the month of May.








  In service courses play the launching pads in the teachers professional growth by refining their teaching skills. During the Winter holidays of 2017 ,  KV NAL was chosen to be the venue for the in service course of PGT (MATHS) . Ffty two Participants from different parts of India attended the 12 days course and  the school’s  infrastructure was highly appreciated. Mr.M Manoharan Principal KVNAL was the Course Director.





The NIE activities of the vidyalaya are headed by Smt.Rita Senguptha. In the Times NIE News Makers Meet 2017-18, the school reporters, Sriram, Gowtami, Jatan Krishna and Gopika Rani had a chance to interact with the prestigious editorial team of The Times Of India and understand the importance of journalism. They also participated in a mock press conference on the topic “Healthy Teens – My Responsibility for a Healthy Adult Life.”




Variety adds to the joy and excitement of one’s life. Celebrations make life interesting and joyful. Independence day  , children’s day, teachers day, Sports Day , Vigilance Week. Hindi pakhwada, Sanskrit week and KVS foundation day were celebrated in a befitting manner.




Filled with gratitude the Vidyalaya bid a fond farewell to Sri Jagdev,PGT Hindi, Smt.Sukla Dutta and  Smt Kalei Selvi .The Vidyalaya gratefully acknowledged the services rendered by these dedicated teachers. Special felicitation was bestowed on them by the Alumini of our vidyalaya.


KV NAL extended a cordial welcome to three new recruties at the primary level----------Mr Jitender, Miss Krithika and Miss Preeti.  It is hoped that their  expertise will benefit the students and to the all round development of the Vidyalaya.



The vidyalaya management has taken keen interest for the  total renovation of this vidyalaya. When the vidyalaya expressed its concern about the twenty four hours power supply to the school our  honourable Director of NAl took great initiative and provided the generator .Words fail me at this juncture to express our deepest gratitude to you sir!!! Let us join to give a loud round of applause to our honourable director who is undoubtedly a modest personality motivating and encouraging us with his compassionate acts. Mr.G N Prasad,Group Director our special invite of the VMC members has taken huge initiation in providing all the facilities for the grand and  glorious conduct of this Annual Day  Programme. He also took great initiative to grand special amount for the construction of cubical boxes in the primary staff room. We acknowledge his services to this vidyalaya. Here we give a loud round of applause to you sir for your valuable support. The ISRO and VMC members were pillars in getting sanctioned one crore and seventy lakhs rupees for the total renovation of the vidyalaya including the tiling of class rooms and steps, mic system and interactive boards. Mrs Gomathy Sankaran Nominee Chairman KVNAL,is one who is with us at every step of our journey inspiring ,guiding and extending her most humane hands to march ahead. Let us give one huge round of applause to Madam Gomathy Sankaran. The verve and enthusiasm of the Alumini of this vidyalaya needs commendable appreciation. They are an integral part of all the activities of this vidyalaya. They have taken a giant step in helping the underprivileged children. Their powerful hands can be felt in the overall upliftment  of the vidyalaya. Let us join and give a round of applause for their boundless service. Kendriya vidyalaya NAL has been a  great success story under the untiring support, powerful guidance and stupendous enthusiasm of  two leaders who are at the helm of our KVS RO Bengaluru Region, our honourable Deputy Commissioner Dr. P Devakumar and Honourable Assistant Commissioner Dr A K Misra. We salute you for that spark of heavenly fire you kindle in each one of us, which help us to climb the SUMMIT OF EXCELLENCE. Let us all join hands  and give a huge round of applause to these pioneers of KVS.




The Vidyalaya is now constructing six new classrooms. The Vidyalaya has taken a totally different outlook in the recent past. KVNAL is a haven in the lap of nature. The green and colour filled campus of KVNAL is truly captivating.  Let me place on record  once again my heartfelt gratitude to the vidyalaya   management  for taking keen interest in the growth , development and well being of the institution. The serene environment of our school filled with pristine beauty of Mother Nature is truly captivating. I’m sure , with the unflinching support of the vidyalaya  management ,  KV NAL will find all its dreams true and this temple of learning will march ahead creating history in the days ahead.


My gratitude to all parents and well wishers for their interest and welfare in the growth of this institution.


Our Mission has begu­­­n­­­­­...........

Let us work in the spirit of love, and dedication…………

Let us together strive towards achieving excellence in all the fields……..



Success is a long journey.

We the educationists and students have miles to go.

Let us not stop…

Let us march ahead…

Beneath the banner of  service.